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There’s a million and one ways to send out a message and reach your audience, but how do you get the best cut through and bang for your buck?

LED screens bring a host of benefits to the table, so we’ve put together just a handful of the reasons why LED screens present an ideal advertising and communication tool for businesses and events alike.

Attention grabbing

LED digital display screens are unmissable — they’re bright, big and stand out even in the most crowded environments. They undoubtedly grab attention with their top-notch display quality, so it’s no surprise they have become a popular choice for festivals and large-scale events.

They can be as easily seen during the day as they are at night which makes them a versatile option for events and locations that attract high traffic around the clock. Think of New York’s Times Square and the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo!

Get creative with your content

LED screens open up a world of opportunities to be creative with your messaging far beyond words. Colour, imagery, photos, animations and videos are just some of the ways you can capture the attention of an audience.

Where you can connect to WiFi, there’s also the opportunity to broadcast live footage — think sporting events and important ceremonies — and even run engaging campaigns that capture social media feeds in real time, sharing them with your audience. Giving people a platform like digital event screens to share their own content with a bigger audience is a great way to engage people in your conversation and brand.

Complete control of your message

At the end of the day, advertising comes down to sending out a message for it to be received by a target audience. And there’s a plethora of ways to do this in our modern, connected and digital world.

Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, LED screens allow you the flexibility to tailor your messages to different audiences — and you can change them at any point throughout the day.

For example, you might target commuters on their way to work during rush hour, then schedule the messaging or adto be more appealing to children on their way home from school in the afternoon. The weekends might even see you schedule alternative messages more suited to tourists and recreation seekers.

It’s your message and it’s entirely up to you how and when you put it out there.

Audience development

An obvious benefit of digital event screens is being seen. Their sheer presence draws the attention of a wide range of people and therefore quickly broadens your audience and reach.

Strategically located signs in high trafficked areas will be seen by your target audience but will also reach and cut through into new audience segments and potentially increase your market appeal.

Easy installation

LED technology might sound complex but to put it simply, it’s not.LED advertising screens — no matter their size — are relatively easy to move and install at almost any location. Some are even powered by solar energy so they don’t require a power source to be plugged into.

Setting up the system and broadcasting your ads is just as simple thanks to the contemporary and intuitive technology that LED advertising screens are developed on.

Remote operation

Gone are the days of being right next to or connected to the system you are programming. Digital and wireless technologies mean that you can now control your screen and advertising from just about anywhere in the world.

Maybe your promotional item has sold out and you need to change focus. No worries. Perhaps your directional messaging needs to change at the festival or conference you are hosting. Easy. When you can connect from anywhere, changing your message can take just seconds. A traditional billboard doesn’t come close to this level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Environmentally responsible options

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing solar powered LED screens — they not only power themselves during daylight hours but continue running long after the sun has set.

An ideal solution for festivals and events, roadside messaging and indoor or outdoor applications, solar LED screens negate the need for power sources, meaning you can use them just about anywhere you like.


You don’t need to worry about the rain or hot summer sun, there’s a huge range of LED screens that are completely weatherproof so your messages and advertising will continue to roll rain, hail or shine.

Make LED advertising part of your marketing strategy

Careful and clever execution can make digital advertising screens a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy. You can reach, capture and engage with new audiences, control and customise your messages, and create content that is appealing en masse.

The options are broad so if you’re looking for a digital screen for an event or LED display advertising solutions, our friendly team of experts can help get your ads up and running in no time.

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