VMS Boards

VMS Boards

Text Only Display

VMS Boards comes with a text only display. It can display up to 4 lines of texts, 8-10 letters each line. With longer words, you have th break it up or abbreviate.

Up to 5 colours

Some of the VMS boards comes with 5 colours: Red, Green, Amber, Blue, and White. You are limited to these pre-defined colours and pre-loaded fonts only.

VMS Boards For Hire

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Benefits of hiring VMS boards

Conveying the right information, to the correct audience, at the right time is essential for the promotion, survival, and growth of your business. Using a Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a great way to achieve this. Compared to traditional static signages, VMS for hire offers the following benefits:

Portability: Due to their lightweight nature, VMS boards are easily portable and quick to transport making them the perfect digital signage for events.

Long Service Life: Mobile LED video screens are IP-rated, meaning they are weatherproof and withstand the harsh outdoor climate. This makes them more durable, giving you service for years.

Cost-saving: Hiring LED trailer signs is an ideal choice for an event on a limited budget. They will help you meet the needs of your audience within your advertising budget.

Quick Installation: Our Variable message signs for hire are lighter, ensuring easy installation and re-installation within few minutes. This dramatically minimises assembling and disassembling time while saving labour costs.

Reliability: You can depend on our VMS boards for hire to display clear messaging to your audience regardless of severe weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long does the VMS board display?

Our VMS boards are made to last years without losing their clarity, vibrant colours, and brightness. We have a range of power options that can ensure your display is seen upto 24 hours a day.

How much text can a VMS board display?

How much text a VMS can display usually depends on the character size and the clarity of the message. A 2.6 by 1.4-meter board, for instance, will hold around eight to ten letters per line and have about 4 lines of text. The resolutions are 48 by 28 pixels, which is clear enough in all weather conditions.

Are VMS signboard Weatherproof?

Yes, they can withstand all types of weather conditions and adversities. Our VMS boards are made to endure hot sun, heavy rains, and strong winds, so you can continue to reach your customers despite the weather. To know more about which one is right for your needs, contact us today.

How do I change a message on a VMS board?

We have electronic, manual, and computerised VMS boards on our portfolio. Manual boards come with reset buttons that allow you to change the messaging, while electronic ones use a remote control. Computerised VMS boards are fairly easy to use as they are programmed through software installed on a computer.

How many messages can a portable variable message sign show?

Our variable message signs come in different sign sizes, character height and contrast, providing diverse options to pick from depending on your needs and preference. Our VMSs range from single to double line and fully variable signs. That can, at times, include graphic displays.

How much does variable message sign rental cost?

Our rental rates vary depending on the location, size, individual machine specifications and the duration you plan on hiring the VMS. You can choose from using the VMS for short, medium, or long periods. To get more information on the rental rates, you can reach us via our office number or the contact form on our website.

How can I pay for a hire?

There are several modes of payment for our hiring services. The decision boils down to our client’s preference, convenience and the agreement between us. Generally, we accept credit cards, direct deposits, etc.

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