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LED Signs | LED Digital Rental Sign On Castors

From $10 A Day

Hi-Res Picture option

Hi-Res LED Rental Sign

  • Hi resolution outdoor P6 LED signs on castors
  • As big as other company’s trailer screen, 2.5m2 display
  • Height 2.5m above ground
  • Smartphone technology for changes on the fly
  • From $20/day+GST
  • Require outdoor power point

Text Option

Text LED Rental Sign

  • Digital text only signs 
  • Multi-colour LED display
  • Smartphone technology for changes on the fly
  • From $10/day+GST 
  • Require outdoor power point

LED Rental Signs on Castors

Static, stationary signs just don’t make the grade anymore. Our portable LED signs on castors are an ideal way to create dynamic messages and place them where and when they’ll be seen.

Ideal for events or as temporary digital display solutions, hiring portable LED display signs on castors will give you flexibility while delivering an exceptional high resolution signage solution at an affordable price.

Our portable digital LED advertising signs can be easily seen during the day or night, making it an ideal way to communicate important messages or advertise in an effective and engaging way.

To ensure that you can access the best solution to meet your needs, Graphic Sign Hire offers two types of portable LED sign boards on castors — Hi-Res LED and Text LED.

Hi-Res LED Rental Sign

Sitting at 2.5 metres above the ground, our Hi-Res LED signs have a 2.5m2 display and are built on P6 LED technology to create clear and crisp messages that will quickly grab the attention of your potential customers.

The portable LED advertising signs are ideal for communicating special offers, unique promotions, directional information using images and graphics to add value and build your brand.

To make sure your messages are as dynamic as the technology they’re being shown on, you can update your messaging at any time and from anywhere using our smartphone technology.

Sold out of your promotional product? Change your special offer to ensure customers continue to come through the door. Event information changed? Update your directional or event information easily from wherever you are.

The only thing you need to run one of our Hi-Res LED Rental Signs is an outdoor power point. Easy!

Text LED Rental Sign

Graphic Sign Hire also offers text only portable signage options for clear and concise messages that are easily seen during the day or night.

The text only signs have a multi-colour display and are available for hire from as little as $10 per day (ex GST)!

Like our hi-res portable LED signs, our text rental signs can be updated from the palm of your hand using our smartphone technology. This means that not only is your message captivating, but it is dynamic and responsive to the needs of your customers.

Suitable for a range of applications

Not only are they more cost efficient than traditional signage, but our LED signs on castors also offer dynamic signage solutions to suit a range of uses and purposes. They are particularly useful in retail and commercial application where they attract the attention of potential customers and give a good reason for them to come into your store.

  • Promote your business
  • Advertise special offers and unique promotions
  • Build brand awareness
  • Promote upcoming events
  • Provide information and directional signage at events
  • Advertise community events
  • Communicate important information and key messages to communities such as public health information

Update your messages from the palm of your hand

One of the key benefits of digital advertising is the ability to change and refine messaging as you need or in response to customer demands or changing environments.

As opposed to traditional static signage, our portable LED signs for rent can be updated easily and quickly — from the palm of your hand!

Using our smartphone technology, you can update the messaging on your portable LED display signs from just about anywhere in the world. It doesn’t get much more dynamic than that.

Perhaps you need to update promotional offers, or event information, or directional signage to help people find your business.

Our portable VMS signs on castors run on the latest technology which means not only will your messages grab the attention of your potential customers, but you can adapt them as much as you like to also meet their needs.

Benefits of portable LED sign boards

Compared to traditional static signage, our portable LED sign boards on castors come with a range of benefits.

  • Affordable — priced from as little as $10 per day (ex GST) makes our LED signs ideal to convey important messages with a limited budget.
  • Dynamic — Customise your message as you need with simple smartphone technology.
  • Portable — Mounted on castors and lightweight makes our portable LED boards quick and easy to move or transport.
  • Durable — Our portable LED display signs on castors can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy to install — Portable and lightweight, our portable LED signs can be easily installed in just a few minutes, keeping assembly time and labour costs down.
  • Reliable — Our visual messaging signs are built to meet Australian standards.

Why choose Graphic Sign Hire portable LED signs on castors

Graphic Sign Hire is committed to providing the best solution for your advertising needs.

Our digital portable LED signs for rent not only run on the latest technology and smartphone capability but can be customised at the drop of a hat — and all from the palm of your hand! That means you can update your messaging at any time and from anywhere to make sure your messaging is always relevant.

You can also easily move our portable LED signs to ensure your customers will see your messaging at the right time and in the right place.

And to top it off, our portable LED signs on castors are affordable, starting at as little as $10 per day!

Why choose GSH?

Better Services

Our goal is to help you deliver captivating messages and get more customers so we'll go the extra mile when it comes to hiring digital signage.

Better Prices

We are committed to not only offering the most competitive pricing but delivering the all round best service.

Better Screens

We build and maintain our own signs to an exceptional quality — and we are the only provider of 24x7 Solar Digital LED Screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Graphic Sign Hire over other LED display sign companies?

If you are looking for digital screens on castors, then look no further than Graphic Sign Hire. We not only offer the best quality screens at the most competitive prices, but we back it up with service that is second-to-none and guaranteed to impress from the first enquiry through to the conclusion of your hire period.

How much do outdoor LED signs cost?

Our pricing structure is dependent on a number of factors including screen size, type, resolution, outdoor or indoor use, installation, labour cost and the length of hire. Please contact us for a free quote and to discuss your signage requirements.

Is the sign solar powered?

We understand that reducing carbon footprints and making eco-friendly business decisions is high on the agenda for many business-owners so Graphic Sign Hire offer a broad range of portable LED advertising signs, including solar powered options. Our solar powered signs are ideal for outdoor use where a convenient power source is not available.

What if it gets damaged or stolen?

All of our portable LED signs for rent are covered by insurance to ensure they are protected from theft, burglary and other damage. We also recommend that our customers use take some basic security precautions such as storing the signage in secure areas.

How long can I display a message on an LED sign?

The length of time your mobile LED sign displays for is entirely up to you. We offer a range of power options that will ensure your display is visible up to 24 hours a day for the period of your hire, be that short, medium or long term.

What is required to set up a digital LED signage system?

We can deliver and install digital LED advertising screens to almost any location or venue, such as businesses, car parks, roadsides, trade shows, community events, festivals and promotional events. Our technical team will install and set up the mobile LED signs and provide you with instructions to ensure that you get the best result.

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