Mobile Digital LED Signs

Mobile Digital LED Signs

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Ultra Sharp Video Screen

Our ultra series is so sharp that just a couple meters away your retina wouldn’t be capable of distinguish individual pixels. All you see if one massive crisp display.

Mobile Digital LED Signs For Hire

Benefits of advertising mobile LED screens

There are tons of ways to advertise your business, from traditional methods such as newspapers and televisions to digital ads such as PPC and social media. LED screens are growing in popularity, replacing billboards and printed signage. Here are a few reasons why:

Environmentally friendly

Not only do you save on print costs, but LED screens have environmentally friendly and energy conservation features. A mobile LED video screen can operate in all weathers, making them convenient for outdoor advertising. Because of how they are manufactured, outdoor LED screens are bright and vibrant, no matter how hot the sun gets. When you hire LED screens for events, you are assured of visibility no matter the weather.

Enhances audience interest

Advertising with mobile digital signs and displays screens can be programmed to show one or many messages throughout the day. This easily conveys your information to customers and enhances the engagement of your advertisement, promising effective branding and market visibility when appropriately designed and located in the right place.

Advertising your business with mobile LED video screens, VMS boards, and mobile digital signs are a growing trend which has plenty of advantages to help you to promote your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do mobile LED screens display?

The amount of time your mobile LED screens displays depends on our your needs. We have a range of power options that can ensure your display is seen upto 24 hours a day.

Where do you deliver and set up your LED screens?

We deliver LED screens at any venue, be it at conferences, trade shows, promotional events, and many more. Our technical team sets up the displays and provides instructons to ensure you get the best out of your screen. Just tell us where you need it, and it will be delivered and set up for you.

Are mobile video LED Screens weatherproof?

Outdoor mobile LED screens can withstand a substantial amount of impacts from daily weather elements. Even when in full sunlight, our mobile LED screens are glare-resistance displaying clear and bright images and content. As a result, they are ideal for any outdoor events and can be used all day, despite the weather.

How big are mobile LED screens?

Mobile LED screens come in several sizes, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from depending on our client’s preferences and needs. Our available choices include 3 square meters (3sqm), 4sqm, and 5sqm mobile LED screens. If you are targeting a large crowd, a bigger screen is a perfect choice.

Which locations do you cover?

We offer nationwide solar digital LED screens services. With physical locations in Adelaide Richmond in South Australia, Melbourne Rowville in Victoria, and Sydney Castle Hill in New South Wales, we have the ability to role out nationwide campaigns.

What is your pricing structure?

Our pricing structure tends to vary due to a variety of reasons. Some of the factors that will affect our LED screens’ pricing structure include screen size, type, resolution, outdoor or indoor use, installation, labour cost, and length of rental. You can contact us for a free quote.

How can I pay for a hire?

There are several modes of payment for our services. The choice comes down to our customer’s preferences, convenience, and agreement between our clients and us. For more information about our payment options you can call us or send us a message via the contact form on our website.

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We build and maintain our own signs, and we are the only provider of 24x7 Solar Digital LED Screens.

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