Digital Event Screens

Digital Event Screens

Digital Event Screens

Solar Option

Our Solar Media screens comes self powered with no need of generator. It silent and swift to setup. It could even be configured to provide power for laptops and other equipment.

Plug n Play

Our event screens comes with HDMI connection (configurable to others i.e SDI). They can also be configured not only self powered but also powering other equipment like laptops and PA system. Making the event easy and swift to setup.

Ultra Sharp LED Screens

Our Media 5u comes with ultra sharp P3.9 outdoor LED screens. Cutting edge technology offering you a cinematic experience. 

Digital Event Screens For Hire

Why Choose Us?

The right digital signage for events should represent your brand at the highest possible standard. Captivating your audience to stop and watch, while effectively educating them about your brand.

Whether you are displaying products and logos, live streaming an event or presentation or screening a cinematic experience, Graphic Sign Hire’s digital screens for events will have you covered.

At Graphic Sign Hire, we care deeply about helping you choose the right screens for your event and budget. Our services are miles above the industry standard because we wish to ensure that when you use our screens at your event, you are getting the best quality, resolution and brightness. We offer the best service and better prices with hassle free set up and configuration.

Benefits of Digital Signage Services for your Events

Digital signage for events has become a must-have.

While print signage is great, it can weather quickly and look dated, whereas LED screens for hire are efficient and trendy. They are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Unlike print signage, digital screens are easy to edit in case of any mistakes. You just need to input the edited content and voila!
  • Digital signage for hire is also extremely dynamic. You can change and update your schedule as your event progresses.
  • It also takes the digital and social media age to a new level. Your audience can tweet or post pictures on Instagram and the screen can feature them instantly.
  • Sporting clubs will love an interactive digital screen. With the ability to show video of the game, score boards, community announcements and sponsorship ads.
  • Since our digital screens or signage are dynamic, you can also feature live news, notifications and updates at your event that you wish your audience to know. It is quick, effective, and everyone will see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which digital screen should I choose?

We offer a range of digital signage for events, each with different specifications and power requirements that can display for any number of hours. There are solar media screens that are self-powered and can run upto 24 hours a day or the Media 5u screen, which has the option of a generator. Our modular panels, however, require onsite power. If you require LED screen hire for events it is best to first look at the power available at the location, then chose from our solar or powered models to suit your needs.

Where do you deliver and set up your digital screens?

With our wide choice of digital screens for events, you can put your screen almost anywhere. Where you place you sign will depend on the event location, visibility, power (if needed) etc. We are equipped to deliver and install Australia wide.

Are LED Screens Weatherproof?

An IP65 waterproof rating means that the product is built to brave all weather conditions. Most of the digital screens for hire can withstand wet weather and heat. Their resolutions are excellent and brightness high, as a result, that can work well in direct sunlight too..

Why should I choose Graphic Sign Hire?

If you are looking for digital screens for events, then look no further than Graphic Sign Hire. We offer the best screens, at the most competitive prices and back it up with top quality service from your first enquiry till the end of your successful event.

Better Price

Everyone is saying they do the best price. We simply do better price. 

Better Service

Our goal is to help you either get more customers, or deliver a message. So we will go the extra mile than just hiring the sign.

Better Screens

We build and maintain our own signs, and we are the only provider of 24x7 Solar Digital LED Screens.

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