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We build and maintain our own signs to an exceptional quality — and we are the only provider of 24x7 Solar Digital LED Screens.

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We operate the largest fleet of solar digital LED screens across Australia.
And we specialise in state and nation wide blanket rollouts.

Hire Digital LED Screens & LED Trailer Signs

Digital LED screen signs are a useful tool for advertising your business due to their ability to reach thousands of potential customers at any given time. But the benefits don’t stop there. If you’re considering digital sign hire, here are some additional advantages of using digital LED sings for your business, event or community messaging campaigns.

Perfect for outdoor advertising

LED sign hire is ideal for outdoor advertising and outdoor events. If your business is sponsoring or hosting an event, choosing digital screens for events or mobile LED video screens to advertise your brand will enable you to put your message just about anywhere. Their mobility and also means that they can be placed in the most strategic location for your message. For example, one might be best placed right in front of your business to create visibility and catch attention as people walk or drive past. LED screen hire can help you ensure your advertising is visible at all times, as they operate in all weather conditions and at any time of day.

An eco-friendly advertising channel

Reducing carbon footprints and making eco-friendly business decisions is high on the agenda for many business-owners. Our mobile solar LED screen hire offers a solar-powered signage option, giving you flexibility for location as you won’t require an external power source not to mention a saving on electricity supply. The flexibility of solar powered digital sign hire makes them ideal for outdoor use where a convenient power source is not available. With our competitive rates and maintenance included, LED sign hire and VMS board hire is also cost effective.

Digital displays are easy to install and quick to set up — and create a positive impact for your business by building your brand and engaging a broad customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver and set up your digital screens?

We deliver digital screens across Australia. They are best placed in high traffic areas and positioned at eye level. Depending on your needs we can set up our LED screen hire along roadsides, in car parks, parks, ovals, tents and more.

Are LED screens weatherproof?

Our LED screen hire are built with IP65 which means they can withstand all weather conditions including snow, heat, rain, wind and sun. They are also brighter than indoor LED lights which usually have an IP20. This means outdoor LED lights are brighter and more vibrant so that they can showcase your message, brand and business even in direct or harsh sunlight.

Can I hire an LED sign for a weekend?

Yes, our digital sign hire is available for short, medium and long-term use depending on your needs and preference. Short term use is usually one day or weekend, while medium use could mean from one month to four. Long-term LED screen hire can be anywhere from six months to one year or more.

What if it gets stolen or damaged?

Our trailers are covered by insurance to ensure they are protected from theft, burglary and other damages. We have also installed quality wheel and hitch locks, which provides an additional layer of security protection. We also recommend that our customers use some basic security practices such as parking them in well-lit and high traffic areas.

What is indoor and outdoor advertising?

Indoor advertising is executed in enclosed spaces such as cafes, institutions, train stations, supermarkets, shopping centres or sporting clubs. Outdoor advertising is promoting your product or services in open spaces using billboards, banners, road signs, awnings, neon signs, flags or posters. LED sign hire is a great solution for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

What is your pricing structure?

Pricing depends on the type of digital advertising solution you want, the location and for how long you plan on using the service. LED screen hire costs are also be influenced by the size of the screen. Contact us for a free quote.

How can I pay for a hire?

We understand that each business has preferred payment methods. We accept credit cards, direct deposits and cheques. We usually require an upfront deposit with the balance due once the service is delivered. If you wish to pay for everything upfront, that’s fine as well.