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The Advantages of Outdoor Led Digital Signs

Enjoy an Illuminated Outdoor Sign without the Electricity Bill: Get LED Digital Signage from Adelaide’s Graphic Sign Hire

There are many benefits to having outdoor digital signage in Adelaide. A sign that lights up is more visible throughout the day than a sign with limited illumination. If you are trying to catch the attention of drivers or passers-by in the evening hours, an outdoor light up sign will help matters considerably. With the right kind of digital signage—usually LED—you can also tell your brand story with engaging visuals and graphics, instead of just relying on text. This factor makes your sign stand out from the crowd and increases the chances of people noticing it.

The Disadvantages of Outdoor Digital Signage in Adelaide

  • Using LED digital signage in Adelaide also has a few notable drawbacks, though. Even though LED lighting is extremely energy efficient, it still uses more power than, say, a traditional acrylic sign. Other types of digital signage—such as VMS (Variable Message Signs)—might use even more energy.
  • Having a digital sign also means you need a power source for that sign. In many cases, that means using an extension cord to hook your sign up to a generator or your building’s power source. Extension cords are unreliable and unsightly. Even the heavy-duty ones can fail in Australia’s harsh conditions. An extension cord can also create a tripping hazard for your customers if you have to run it through your carpark to supply energy to your digital outdoor sign.
  • These issues have precluded many businesses from considering digital LED signs for their Adelaide businesses. Companies see the benefits of having light up signs, but they also understand the logistical hurdles and costs.

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Overcome the Cons of Digital Signs with the Help of Graphic Sign Hire

If you are considering outdoor digital signage in Adelaide, but want to avoid the extension cord annoyance and added energy expenses mentioned above, come to Graphic Sign Hire. We provide LED digital signage solutions that beat these disadvantages with the power of solar energy.

That’s right: when you go through us to hire a digital LED sign in Adelaide, you get a sign that derives 100% percent of its power from solar energy. This factor means that there is no electricity bill for your outdoor signage. It also means that your days of dealing with annoying extension cords are in the past. Our signs are more convenient, more sustainable, and cost-effective over time. They are also safer for your customers because they pose no tripping hazard. Finally, since our screens use state of the art, patented LED technology, our signs are full colour and capable of displaying the most vibrant images you can imagine.

Don’t turn your back on outdoor digital signage just yet! Instead, try our LED digital signage at Adelaide’s Graphic Sign Hire. We want to help you tell your brand’s story with beautiful, user friendly signs that your customers will love. Call us on 08 8352 2237 to learn more.

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