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Mobile LED screens and systems are versatile and suitable for a range of applications including advertising, promotional and directional messaging.

Their durability means that they can be used inside or out, during the day and into the night, making them a popular choice for big and small events including concerts, fairs, sporting events and the like.

Mobile LED systems bring with them a host of other benefits that far outweigh the cost, meaning they will undoubtedly deliver a good return on investment for your business or event.

So, when you next have a message that you want people to see on the go, why should you lean towards a mobile LED screen?

Production costs slashed

By leveraging mobile LED screen technology, you can save big on production costs. Static billboard or outdoor signage comes with a steep investment — design, print production, installation, replacement, removal, ad space booking costs and fees, and the list goes on.

Graphics for mobile LED screens can be produced at low cost using basic computer software and easily uploaded to the LED software program.

Complete control of your message

Consumers move fast and their needs can change from day to day. Rather than committing to one message on a static billboard, be flexible and responsive to your customers needs with a mobile LED screen.

Messages can be tailored and changed in an instant — making your business, product or service offering attractive exactly when it needs to be. For example, you can tailor your message to capitalise on passing traffic, or appeal to impulse buyers with a flash promotion or discount.

Unique content opportunity

Not only can you change and tailor messages on a whim, you can also display multiple messages and specific content at designated times throughout the day. For example, your restaurant could display lunch specials before switching to happy hour offers as the end of the day approaches. Your display might then change to dinner specials and entertainment promotion.

There’s no limit as to how many ads you can display — making it easy to reach your target markets exactly when you need to.

Get noticed

With their bright, vivid and dynamic display capabilities, mobile LED screens are a sure-fire way to grab attention, making them an ideal solution for busy events such as concerts, festivals and fairs.

Compared to a traditional static outdoor sign, your content and message become unmissable and far more appealing to view and engage with.

Remote management

Not only are they easy to install and upload graphics to, mobile LED screens can even be operated remotely over a WiFi connection. With just a few clicks you can control, change and tailor messages on your LED screen — no matter where you are.

Any time, any day

Morning, noon or night, mobile LED screens are suitable for use at any time of the day. A good quality LED screen should be glare-resistant — even in full sunlight — with images clear, crisp and bright. They can also be hooked up to sound for a full cinematic experience.

The right mobile LED screen will take your event from day to night without fuss and ensure that your messaging is always clear.

Withstand harsh weather conditions

Mobile LED screens are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. We know Australians love spending time in the great outdoors and we enjoy outdoor events year round. So it’s vital that mobile LED signs can remain unaffected by even the most extreme weather — full sun in the middle of the day, wild wind and heavy downfalls.

With a mobile LED signyou can rest assured that no matter what hand Mother Nature deals, your messages will still be seen whether it be rain, hail or shine.

Easy to use

Mobile LED signs are purposed with the end user in mind — generally a busy event manager who doesn’t have time to fuss around with problematic technology. From installation to graphic uploads and on-the-go changes or tailoring of messages, mobile LED screens are user-friendly and accessible so you can get back to hosting your event and not troubleshooting technology.


Particularly when it comes to events, mobile LED screens are an incredibly affordable technology to display clear, bright and vivid graphic content that is easy to see in any condition.

When compared to more traditional forms of advertising and communication, mobile LED screens offer a greater return on investment and vastly improve the experience for customers, visitors, patrons and passers-by.

Easy to transport

When it comes to moving these signs around and getting them from A to B, mobile LED signs make life easy.

The lightweight mobile screens are attached to a trailer, making it simple to hook up to any vehicle with a tow bar and driving it to wherever it needs to be installed.

Leverage the benefits of mobile LED screens to boost your business

It’s easy to see that the benefits of mobile LED screens reach far and wide. They are accessible and easy to use, and importantly provide opportunity to display unique content that can be altered or tailored on the go to meet the changing needs of your customers, visitors or patrons, or leverage a change in circumstance.

Mobile LED screens are a one size fits all streaming solution with a return on investment that can’t be passed by.

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