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Where Are the Best Places to Advertise Using LED Electronic Message and Display Boards in Adelaide?

If you want your business to continue attracting new customers, you need to pay close attention to marketing. Without advertising your services, people just won’t know what it is that you have to offer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want your products. If consumers don’t know you exist, they’ll head straight to your competitors to hand over cash that could’ve been yours, but even if you’re already advertising, ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns isn’t easy. The most important thing is to make sure your adverts capture attention, which is something that electronic message boards in Adelaide never fail to do.

When you think of mobile advertising boards, you might imagine the old variable message signs (VMS) that you see above motorways – the ones that display two or three colours at the most and have enough space for up to 32 characters. While such old-fashioned boards allow you to convey a short message and perhaps detail the basics of your service, they don’t do much to force people to turn their head. Most of us are so used to seeing these bland old display boards that we don’t even notice their existence. Fortunately, thanks to the modern LED message board in Adelaide, that’s no longer the case.

At Graphic Sign Hire, we supply our patented LED display board to Adelaide businesses, and unlike their predecessors, they’re capable to showing over 16 million colours, which dwarfs the maximum of five colours that the typical VMS boards for hire can display. Our LED display signs have a crisp and clear picture, ensuring your message gets across to potential customers. Moreover, our products are solar powered, eliminating the need to roll out cords over your car park or pay expensive electricity bills just to spread the word about your business.

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Where Should I Display My LED Message Board in Adelaide?

It’s essential to position your LED boards so that the maximum number of potential customers will see them – and pay attention to what they say. Instead of hiring an unsophisticated VMS board and displaying a single sentence in a dull font, you could hire one of our electronic message boards and show videos, images, and text in a broad range of fonts. Plus, thanks to the ability to display over 16 million colours, they’re far more effective at capturing attention than the five-coloured alternatives. However, where can you place your LED message board to ensure as many Adelaide residents as possible notice it?

You’re probably trying to get your message across to motorists in your local area, so positioning your signs near main roads and highways is a good place to start. However, if you run a large retail store or restaurant, you might want to entice customers to pull into the car park by advertising your special offers from your premises with a digital display screen. Some company owners like to have their boards driven around town to attract customers from different areas, which means where you position your signs depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

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