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What to Expect from Our Programmable LED Display Boards in Adelaide

At Graphic Sign Hire, we excel at developing functional and high-quality LED signs in Adelaide. These signs provide digital graphics with outstanding levels of colour and detail. Compared to the single colour digital signs that are commonplace in many industries, our signs are vibrant and captivating — everything you want your message to be. If you want to put your brand’s best foot forward, either with a roadside billboard or a sign in your car park, we have a solution for you.

Solar LED sign lighting benefits

With a Graphic Sign Hire solar LED sign board, you can enhance the effective delivery of your messaging and take advantage of the many benefits for the environment and your budget.

  • High-resolution display — Capable of projecting 16 million colours, have detailed display graphics and offer the option of video playback.
  • Dynamic — Display multiple messages and customise your message with remote programming capabilities.
  • Portable — Trailer mounted and lightweight.
  • Safe and convenient — No extra cables running across the ground creating trip hazards.
  • Versatile — Solar mobile LED signs can be located just about anywhere — roadsides, car parks, fields, showgrounds and parks.
  • Environmentally friendly — Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Durable — Our solar LED signs are IP-rated, meaning they are weatherproof and will withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy to install —Easy to install in just a few minutes, keeping assembly time and labour costs down.

Benefits of programmable LED signs

  • At Graphic Sign Hire, we are among the best providers of programmable solar powered signs in Australia. Our LED signs feature a high-resolution display screen. The screen is capable of projecting 16 million colours, has detailed display graphics and offers the options of a video playback.
  • Whether you are showcasing products, building brand awareness, live streaming an event or presentation, or screening a cinematic experience, Graphic Sign Hire’s programmable LED signs will achieve your objectives and engage your audience.
  • The quality of our screens is second-to-none and our service far exceeds industry standards with hassle free installation, set up and configuration.

How much do LED signs cost?

A key benefit of portable programmable LED signs is that they come at a fixed cost. There are no additional charges for electricity or re-printing signage when you want to change or update your message.

Solar LED signage screens also don’t require a power source to charge them — they automatically recharge themselves with natural sun light. As such, exposure to uninterrupted sunlight is required to recharge the signs.

Our solar powered LED signs contain enough reserve to last seven days of inclement weather. In the rare case of extreme weather events, they can be super charged overnight in the Graphic Sign Hire workshop in Adelaide.

Settling the Confusion about LED

When customers start enquiring about our outdoor LED signs in Adelaide, there tends to be a little confusion — mainly about the term ‘LED’. Electronics companies have muddied the waters a bit as to what this term means and what it looks like when it’s done well.

LED, of course, stands for ‘light emitting diode’. It’s used for a range of purposes, from lighting fixtures to TV screens. It is known for unparalleled energy efficiency and for producing minimal heat, among a host of other benefits.

However, when it comes to buying an LED sign board from Adelaide’s Graphic Sign Hire, many businesses assume they are getting the billboard equivalent of an LED flat screen TV. This assumption, while justified, is incorrect. In fact, our screens are entirely different from LED televisions and the respective technology.

LED television sets don’t use LEDs to create images. Instead, the LEDs are used to backlight the TV screen, a role that was always played by CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lights). The electronics industry adopted the term ‘LED’ and used it as a buzzword to sell new products.

The programmable LED signs from Adelaide’s Graphic Sign Hire are different. Our patented, full colour LED screens are not just backlit with LEDs. Instead, they use LED technology to create the actual image. This technology allows us to produce vibrant, full-colour visuals. Our LED billboards can produce 16 million different colours, which means we can faithfully reproduce every colour you could want in your advertisement.

Buy Energy Efficient Solar Powered Outdoor LED Signs in Adelaide

LED signs in Adelaide are ideal for outdoor advertising, thanks to their bright colours and brilliant illumination, and their capacity to share dynamic and vibrant messages. Where other signs might be obscured by darkness, fog, rain or other elements, our signs remain visible in most weather conditions.

They also offer the full energy efficiency of LED technology, to the point where you won’t even need a power source to keep them well lit. Indeed, our LED sign boards in Adelaide are all solar powered. You won’t have to deal with things such as generators, extension cords or high energy bills with one of our signs.

Graphic Sign Hire is here to help

If you are interested in purchasing or hiring a programmable LED sign in Adelaide, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Graphic Sign Hire today. We would love the opportunity to chat with you about your advertising needs and to help you come up with an engaging concept for your LED sign.

Along with each sign hire or purchase, we offer free design and delivery services, plus a damage waiver. We want you to have full assurance and peace of mind when you work with us. Call us on 08 8352 2237 for an obligation free chat today.

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