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Tell Your Brand Story in Brilliant Colour with Digital Billboards, Signage Displays and Advertising Screens in Adelaide

When was the last time you saw someone using a black and white TV? There is a reason that this type of product has been rendered obsolete. Today’s TVs provide a crisp picture, outstanding detail, and brilliant colour. They are unquestionably better than the black and white television sets of yesteryear.

Oddly, though, monochrome still has a place in the billboard and digital signage industry. So many businesses are advertising themselves with single-colour, text-only signs. At Graphic Sign Hire, we offer digital signage displays in Adelaide that help businesses tell their brand stories in full, radiant colour.

Our Digital Billboards in Adelaide

When it comes to hiring digital advertising screens in Adelaide, it is important to convey your message quickly and efficiently. Some customers will only see your billboard for a split second as they are driving by; others will ignore it unless they have a reason not to do so. Your job, then, is to create a signage solution that can capture a customer’s attention and tell your brand story in the most economical fashion possible.

Simply put, you can’t do either of those things with boring monochrome or text-based signs. The text is essential in any advertising, but it poses a challenge with billboards because you can’t count on people having enough time to read a long message. Single colour displays, meanwhile, are just dull. They won’t demand attention, which means they will largely go ignored or overlooked.

With Graphic Sign Hire, you avoid both outcomes. We firmly believe that old mantra about a picture being worth a thousand words, and we use it to help you tell your story. Our digital signage displays in Adelaide, meanwhile, are state of the art LED screens capable of displaying 16 million different colours and shades.

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The Graphic Sign Hire Comprehensive Service Package

These two factors are a big part of the reason that our signs work—and we know they work. We’ve heard positive feedback from enough clients to have confidence in what we can do. However, merely having a visually engaging sign with a lot of colour isn’t enough if you don’t have your brand messaging down pat.

We help you on that front, too. We offer our digital advertising screens in Adelaide on a comprehensive service package basis. Every LED screen hire includes not just the sign itself, but also free design, free delivery, a damage waiver, and more. Said another way, we aren’t just selling a product. On the contrary, we are here to help you sell your business.

Would you watch a black and white TV again now that you’ve seen what modern TVs can do? Probably not, so why would you settle for a black and white, text-driven billboard for your business when you can have something that looks better and delivers superior results? Take your advertising to the next level today, with a new digital billboard in Adelaide. Call Graphic Sign Hire on 08 8352 2237 to get started.

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