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You’d assume that any restaurant with a talented chef that can rustle up world-class recipes would be a huge success regardless of its marketing efforts, but more often than not, that isn’t the case. You could have a famous chef serving the finest delicacies in the world, but if people didn’t know that you had such a talented individual in your employ, they wouldn’t ever think to try your meals for themselves. Nowadays, many companies are still wary of spending too much cash on marketing, but you don’t always have to invest a considerable amount of capital to bring a return on investment.

As a restaurant owner, you need to think about what the best methods for reaching your local market are, whether it’s through online marketing, billboards, mobile advertising trailers in Adelaide, or a combination of them all. Many business owners, however, think that trailer signage is a waste of cash because, after all, variable message signs (VMS) only display five colours and a maximum of 32 characters. It’s true that many people pay no attention to such signs, but our LED trailer signs in Adelaide are light years ahead of typical VMSs.

What is mobile billboard advertising?

From local roads to major highways, it is likely that you have driven past plenty of mobile billboard advertising LED screens in your time. An effective out of home advertising channel, mobile billboards comprise of ad displays that offer unique advertising opportunities.

Mobile billboards help businesses reach broad audiences and build brand and custom message visibility thanks to their sheer size and presence, and have the capacity to create significant impact.

Mobile billboard advertisements are effective in that they are easy to see from a distance and can be strategically situated in a selected location.

At Graphic Sign Hire, our LED mobile advertising trailers in Adelaide can display more than 16 million colours — to say that dwarfs the five colour option offered by the competition is an understatement.

Further, while standard VRMs have slightly more than 1,500 pixels, our LED trailer signs boast over 32,000. Our mobile billboard advertising signage displays vibrant videos, text and images, are solar-powered, and present much better value than the traditional and more primitive VMS signs.

Let’s take a look at why a mobile billboard trailer in Adelaide is such a powerful marketing tool.

What are the advantages of mobile billboard advertising?

Mobile billboard advertising screens come with a host of benefits and advantages that will put your business and your messages in front of a broad audience.

When compared with traditional static advertising signage, the advanced and innovative technology used to in mobile billboards and LED trailer sign technology will ensure that your message is as vibrant as it is dynamic.

Ultra sharp video display

Our ultra series of digital LED signs offer a sharp and crisp display for precise and captivating messages.


You can display multiple messages and even further customise your message as you need with remote programming capabilities.


Our signs are trailer mounted and lightweight which means our signage board are easy to transport.

Easy to install

Due to their portability and being rather lightweight, digital LED screens from Graphic Sign Hire can be easily installed in just a few minutes, keeping assembly time and labour costs down.


Our screens are available in a range of sizes to suit your need space and location, and to ultimately create the impact you want make.


Our IP-rated LED screens are completely weatherproof and will withstand the harsh outdoor weather and climate.

Mobile billboards and LED trailer signs are suitable for just about any purpose, whether that be inside or out, in rain, hail or shine, or during the day and into the night.

They are ideal to promote events and festivals, and stream video content and high-definition video at indoor or outdoor events and in any weather condition. Perfect for commercial and retail application, they add oomph to your messaging with high resolution and crystal clear graphics. What’s more, you can even update the messaging remotely to reflect changes to promotions, varied operating hours or entry conditions for example.

Mobile billboards and LED trailer signs are also a popular choice for construction and roadworks, and are regularly used by all levels of government to communicate changes to traffic or road conditions, upcoming construction and even to share important public health information.

Why choose Graphic Sign Hire for your mobile billboard signage?

Our parent company has more than one decade of direct industry experience, and we’ve grown to become a trusted signage hire company in Adelaide because we are reliable, efficient and we never let our customers down.

Our patented products are the most advanced on the market, which is why the competition can’t match the quality of our offering. Believe it or not, our LED trailer signs are usually no more expensive than the run of the mill, bland alternative, and as our customers have reported, our solutions are far more effective. In addition, by taking advantage of mobile LED advertising trailers in Adelaide and the reasonable mobile billboard cost, you can spread the word about your business to potential customers in any areas you prefer without breaking your budget.

If you want your trailer advertising signs in Adelaide to make an impact, you should ensure your content captures attention. Thankfully, with our high-resolution signs that boast all the colours the naked eye can see, you can display videos, images and text that won’t fail to turn heads.

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How much does a mobile billboard cost?

Aside from the host of benefits we have already covered, the mobile billboard cost efficiency is just another advantage of choosing mobile digital billboards.

Whether you are looking to hire or purchase, mobile digital billboards are the ideal and affordable choice to reach a broad audience with a limited budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of mobile LED signs for rent, or to discuss your advertising needs and our mobile trailer advertising rates.

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