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The Benefits of Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions in Adelaide and Why You Should Choose Our Powerful Exterior Displays

Without marketing, it would be virtually impossible to grow a business at any significant rate. We see adverts everywhere, from the logos printed on our t-shirts to the ad breaks on TV. The only way you have a good chance of outperforming your competitors is to spread the word about your company as far and wide as possible. However, if you operate locally, it’s also essential to spend your marketing budget wisely and focus your efforts on your local area. Outdoor digital signage displays in Adelaide will entice new customers through your doors, and because of the low price, they’re one of the most cost-effective ways to reach potentially thousands of people every day.

At Graphic Sign Hire, we provide the best value digital signage solutions in Adelaide, and that’s because they almost guarantee to bring a return on investment. Our outdoor display signs have over 32,000 pixels and coupled with the fact that they can display over 16 million pixels, they never fail to capture attention. Most outdoor signing solutions can only show a maximum of five different colours and 32 characters, meaning you’re limited to a few words in one font. However, our LED sign hire solutions can display videos, high-resolution images, text in any font you like, and more. If you want your signage to make you stand out from the competition, our exterior digital signage in Adelaide is the perfect product for you.

The Advantages of Our Digital Signage Solutions in Adelaide

The best way to force people to pay attention to your advert is to ensure it stands out, and most of us can’t fail to notice striking videos on a large screen in the corner of our eye. You only need passers-by to look at your signage for a second to arouse their curiosity if you display compelling content, and there’s no better way to get your message across than by hiring outdoor digital signage displays from us.

You don’t need to settle for the five colours a VMS offers when you can hire signage that displays over 16 million of them. You can show customers any image or video you wish thanks to the LED technology installed in our digital signage solutions, and you can feel confident that your message will resonate with people more than the single-coloured signs your competitors display.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of our product is its value. Despite being a more effective marketing tool than the VMS alternative, our signage solutions are similar in price. Plus, because they’re solar powered, you don’t need to pay anything to power them, and you don’t have to risk causing a trip by rolling out a long cord in your car park.

Learn More about Our Outdoor Digital Signage Displays in Adelaide

You can find out more information about our solutions by browsing our hire range, but we welcome you to give us a call if you have any questions or need advice. Our friendly professionals will be more than happy to talk about the benefits our signage could bring to your business.